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Information Technology (IT) Platforms are IT solutions designed specific for your industry. Similar to Cloud Services where many can enjoy the savings that come with a centralized data center, except we focus on specific industries. Namely Home Care and Chronic Care Management for 2020.

With strength in numbers, we offer the lowest price at the highest quality level. For example, our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was customized specifically for Home Cares. When you sign up to our Home Care Platform, there is no setup charge for that.


Our Chronic Care Management (CCM) Platform enables Nurses and Certified Medical Assistants (Care Managers) to work from home as Independent Contractors.

The Medicare CCM Program allow Physicians to bill for Non-Face-to-Face Care Management; however, Physicians are not equipped with the intricate infrastructure required by the program.

Instead of building the infrastructure for the Physicians, we opted to build it for the Care Managers.


Addressing the challenges of the 2020 PDGM Medicare ruling, buiBase and Paradygm Health Group have devised a Platform that will help Home Care reduce overhead expenses while improving on Quality.

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